Monday, October 25, 2010

Global Study finds mixed marketing bag for Canada

Demand for services is rising fast for charities around the world. Faster than donations are expected to increase this year or next, according the 2010 State of the Nonprofit Industry Survey by Blackbaud.

The report covered a number of fundraising issues. It found that on marketing, Canada had a long way to go.

Canada was significantly behind the US in the use of Email as a marketing tool. Some 58% Canadian nonprofits that said they were using email compared to 75% in the US. The rating put Canada below every country in the study except the Netherlands.

Again, on SMS cell phone texting, Canadian nonprofits scored far below their American counterparts. About 11% said they were using SMS compared to 20% in the US. Again, Canada rated next to last in SMS use.

On use of social media, Canada placed within the pack. When asked whether they plan to invest in social media, 28% Canadian nonprofits said “yes”. In the US, the rate was 35%. While close to others, Canada had one the lowest ratings on social media investment.

Other low ratings for Canada came on whether Canadian nonprofits had an existing written online strategy and a brand/marketing plan.

Some of the numbers didn’t jive. Despite the low email ratings noted above 74% of Canadian nonprofits said they had electronic newsletters.

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