Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New For Us

I’ve been basking in the glow of my new eBook, The Revolution, for a few weeks. Surprisingly, the one big question that has come out of the book launch is whether anything in it is actually “new”. My answer is that it is “New For Us”.

The free mini-book has now been downloaded 600 times. Thanks to the people who pointed out all the typos. I’ve had lots of feedback, most of it positive. The more critical thinkers among my many readers have pointed out to me. and now through this blog to you. that there is nothing novel in the book. Everything that it says has been said before. After thinking about it, I have decided that they are right.

It is more than true that the message of The Revolution is not new. However, it is also true that the acceptance of the message has not been universal.

If you are an web guru or deep marketing thinker than this is all old hat for you. The death of advertising, the fractured media landscape, the mounting cost of “free publicity” and the dearth of strategy in favour of tactics – these will all be familiar.

But most of us in the non-profit world are not gurus or deep thinkers. We toil in the trenches of community service, health care, education and international development. We know the world has changed, but we aren’t sure how. For us, we know less than what these gurus forget in a single day.

Worse, there was no one place where all these ideas live. I have read dozens of books, attended many webinars and viewed too many blogs that carried these messages. What seemed to be missing was a single, easy-to-understand narrative designed just for non-profits.

Finally, the hard truth is that too many non-profits just don’t get it. I know too many charities who have foolishly wasted their money on old strategies and tactics that have no hope of doing anything except spending money they don’t have. And they don’t even know that they’re using out-of-date communications.

So, this isn’t new and yet it is.

And because of that The Revolution has done its job.

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